Mipro ACT515/500H Single-Channel True Diversity Receiver w/ Handheld Mic

Single-Channel True Diversity Receiver w/ Handheld Mic Set (interchangeable capsule)

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Product Description

MIPRO  ACT-515 is an EIA standard 19” 1/2-unit true diversity receiver.

  • Receiver provides bias voltage for MIPRO antenna systems to enhance reception range and  signal stability.

  • Dual “PiloTone & NoiseLock” circuits minimize interference.

  • Backlit LCD displays group, channel, frequency RF & audio strength, A/B antenna, transmitter battery status, interference warning indicator & panel lock.

  • Backlit LCD is lit in green when signal is received or button pressed. Backlit LCD is lit in red when no signal or button is pressed. Easy to identify working mode (green) and standby mode (red) during performance.

  • Balanced XLR / unbalanced 1/4 ” audio output jack, output level switch and DC input are on the rear panel.

  • UHF PLL-synthesized technology for enhanced RF stability, lowered spurious emissions and increased frequency agility. One-touch Autoscan for a clear, interference-free channel.

  • 80 preset condition-free channels and 8 user-defined channels can be saved & recalled

  • Adjustable ‘SQ’ for higher sensitivity to increase receiving distance or lower sensitivity to reduce interference.

  • Adjust SQ when Interference warning indicator is lit for ideal sensitivity level

MIPRO ACT-500H UHF Handheld Transmitter

  • The microphone with metal housing features aesthetically designed in the most elegant “Guanyin vase” shape and the most comfortable handheld size. The surface is a special matte black color and presents the ultra-low handling noise and a luxurious professional appearance.

  • The unique metal grille of the capsule module can be divided into the upper and lower grille. The upper grille can be detached for cleaning; the lower grille is connected with the housing by an external thread. The robust metal grille protects the capsule against impact, rolling and pop noise, ensuring clarity of sound.

  • The patented power switch module integrates mute, set buttons and LCD for convenience to operate.

  • The patented battery compartment can be inserted with two AA-type batteries or one rechargeable battery, charging via USB Type-C with the foolproof and safe charging circuit.

  • A color-coded channel identification ring is put on the end of the housing. A patented antenna cover on the bottom of the housing built in a high-efficiency narrowband transmitting antenna and USB Type-C charging socket.

  • Pair with all MIPRO’s new interchangeable microphone modules featuring high dynamic range for loud singing without distortion. Accepts some other brands’ microphone modules with similar specifications.

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