Key Features
  • For Podcasting and Streaming
  • 3 Creator Modes: Easy, Enhanced, and Pro
  • MixAgent Adaptive Audio Assistant
  • Automix Function
  • 7″ Full-Color Touchscreen
  • 4 Quick Control Knobs and 6 Pads
  • 2 Mic Preamps, Up to 80 dB Preamp Gain
  • Ethernet Audio for 2 Streaming Setups
  • Full NDI Integration
  • USB, MicroSD, and Bluetooth Support
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Product Description

Featuring the same DSP processing power and features of its larger sibling, the DLZ Creator XS from Mackie delivers in-depth control, versatility, and the convenience of automatic mixing for content creators. Ideal for producing podcasts, YouTube content, and live streams, the DLZ Creator XS gives you three creator modes for a rapid workflow: Easy, Enhanced, and Pro.

Like the larger version, adaptive technology is built in for painless, perfect mixes, including the MixAgent audio assistant and a button-activated Auto-Mix function. Despite its compact size, the DLZ Creator XS sports plenty of hands-on control including a bright 7″ color touchscreen, four Quick Control knobs for essential parameters, five rotary encoders, and six backlit pads for loading preset sounds and samples. New to the DLZ Creator system, the XS introduces Ethernet audio via the NDI protocol for supporting up to two streaming setups. When it’s time to record, you can utilize USB for flash or computer connection or the built-in microSD card reader.

Fully NDI Compatible
Full NDI integration means fast and powerful bidirectional audio and video workflows across Ethernet networks. The NDI standard enables broadcast-quality, low-latency, and frame accurate audio and video communication between multiple machines in real time on a simple, secure, and dependable IP network. 

The NDI standard is also increasingly relevant in streaming and Cloud Mixing, allowing for direct connection into music creation software and connection to outside networks. With support from Twitch and OBS, the NDI protocol has also been embraced by online gamers, live streamers, and podcast professionals.

Create on Your Terms
Choose the mode that fits your creative style and needs, and DLZ Creator XS tailors the display and controls to match. 

  • Easy Mode: a no-fuss user interface that’s the fastest path to recording your first episode for those who want to get great results without menu diving.
  • Enhanced Mode: expanded control over your sound and mix for those who want some customization without an overwhelming number of options.
  • Pro Mode: total control and fully customizable for those who know what they want and how to get it.
Adaptive Technology
Like it’s larger sibling, DLZ Creator XS features adaptive AI technology to help you get the perfect mix every time. 

  • Mix Agent is your personal audio assistant, guiding you through setup and setting gain levels
  • Automatic Gain sets your input levels for you
  • AutoMix manages levels for up to two mics, so everyone can be heard, even when everyone is speaking at the same time
Essential I/O to Address Any Scenario
Whether you’re creating content for podcasts, YouTube, or live streaming, the DLZ Creator XS has you covered: 

  • Connect up to 2 microphones and 3 external devices—including a smartphone—using analog, Bluetooth, or USB
  • 2 combo XLR-1/4″ inputs can accommodate microphone-, line-level, and instrument-level sources
  • Onyx80 mic preamps provide up to 80 dB of gain, so you can get loud without fear of distortion
  • 2 unbalanced 1/4″ inputs and a single stereo 3.5mm jack can be used for analog input sources
  • Record or stream to a computer via USB or record to a microSD card or USB flash drive
  • The unit can function as a 14×4 USB audio interface to Mac/PC
  • Ethernet audio connection via NDI protocol for supporting up to 2 independent PC streaming setups
  • Using mix-minus with your Bluetooth-connected smartphone brings a caller into your mix with no audible echo
  • Up to 2 guests can monitor the audio via independent 1/4″ headphone outputs
Tactile Controls and High-Quality Audio Processing
  • 7” high-resolution full-color touch display with antiglare coating provides a quick and intuitive workflow
  • 4 Quick Control knobs provide a variety of easy to access mode-dependent functions, including headphone volume and parameter controls
  • Instantly trigger samples via dedicated backlit buttons
  • Additional backlit buttons are provided for mute, solo, and navigation functions on each channel
  • Onboard vocal processing helps you sound like a pro with 3-Band Parametric EQ, High-Pass Filter, De-Esser, Compression, and Noise Gate functions
  • Atomizer Reverb and Chronotronic Delay effects are available for additional sound sweetening and or accent effects
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