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Product Description

For many years installers have been faced with a problem. How do you effectively add an amplifier to drive a subwoofer or a pair of component speakers to a factory audio system while still giving the customer the kind of performance you would get by replacing the source unit? The cloc+d is the answer. The cloc+d is a high performance line output converter that features a high voltage (10 volts rms) output and an extremely low source impedance (30 ohms), usually found in only the most expensive aftermarket units.

The cloc+d has a signal sense feature that detects signal on the input and turns the unit on without the need of a 12-volt trigger at the remote in (turn on) connection. Whether you are using the remote in or the signal sense function the cloc+d has a remote out trigger that will turn on your amplifiers or other devices.

The cloc+d has another useful function. It is also a high voltage line driver. If you are using an aftermarket source unit that has a low voltage preamp the cloc+d will boost that voltage up to 10 volts rms of clean signal. And the cloc+d is small enough to fit just about anywhere.

Cache Product Features:

  • Line Output Converter for Installing Aftermarket Components in Factory Audio Systems
  • Includes a line driver for improved signal transfer
  • Compatible with either factory or aftermarket systems
  • Low output impedance
  • High input impedance
  • Flat frequency response
  • High output voltages
  • Excellent signal-to-noise ratio
  • Panel mount RCAs
  • Poly cap and low tolerance resistors in all signal path circuits
  • Power On LED
  • Removable terminal block for all input connections
  • Proudly designed and engineered in the USA

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